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Friends of the Campaign for the Ordination of Women in the Roman Catholic Church

Friends of the Campaign for the Ordination of Women in the Roman Catholic Church

Though we are an international Charity, we have special bonds with the USA. We have a daughter Charity in the USA called Housetop Center for Women’s Ministries

  • Many of our voluntary workers, academic advisors and patrons are Americans.
  • Half of the visitors who visit our website, that is: 250,000 a year, hail from the U.S.

Anyone who gives us a donation becomes our Friend, of course. But we invite you to become a Friend and regular donor, if at all possible. Regular Donors give us $ 96 or more a year [= $ 8 a month] or £60 or more a year [=£5 a month] .

Please give us your donation online or send a cheque, in either case, click here.

Thank you!

Note: Our credit card facility to receive donations is really secure. You can make your donation through five major credit cards and in the major currencies. Credit card payments through our site are handled by two reputable firms: SecureTrading and the NatWest Bank. You will receive two email acknowledgements of receipt: one from SecureTrading and one from us.

Thank you!

How do you benefit from being a Friend?

1. You share in our work as a real partner

We cannot all do the same thing. Some need to plan, to give academic advice, to research, to photocopy texts in university libraries, to coordinate the work. Others need to scan, to proofread, to edit, to transfer text into HTML format and insert internal and external links. Others again need to translate into the key languages spoken in our Church. Last not least, some provide the financial backing through which the basic costs for all this can be met.

By your regular donation you will ensure that our campaign will maintain and increase its efficiency.

2. We will send you our regular electronic Newsletter

Through this we update you regarding new material published on our website and about other important developments relating to women priests.

3. Last not least, you will be part of our network of prayer

From the beginning we have always been convinced that our action in the Church will only be fruitful if it is carried by prayer.

Every week, on Mondays at 12.00 noon Greenwich meantime, we celebrate a team eucharist in which we reflect on Sacred Scripture, break the bread and remember our friends and contacts world wide.


Addresses in the USA!"www.womenpriests.org has become a unique resource for our movement and for all who promote the ordination of women. You have made classic texts accessible to all which could only be consulted in libraries. You rally international scholarship in support of our cause. You prove the cultural prejudice of past theology by irrefutable documentation. You are both academically reliable and pastorally sensitive. You reach out to many countries through English, Spanish and other major languages."
Genevieve Chavez , Women's Ordination Conference USA - June 2002

Kateusz, Mary and Early Christian Women

JOIN AS A MEMBER by donating monthly, and as a Thank You we will send you a free copy of Dr Ally Kateusz, Mary and Early Christian Women: Hidden Leadership (Palgrave MacMillan, 2019).


We are a network of scholars and volunteers who fight for gender equality in the Christian Churches and other religions.

Donations from taxpayers in the USA, UK, Netherlands, are tax deductible:

UK: Registered Charity Number 1053251;

Netherlands: KvK no. 41056067;

USA: Registered 501(c)3 non-profit, EIN: 26-3430065.