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2008 Sean Fagan What Happened to Sin?
2007 Michael Azkoul Order of Creation/Order of Redemption, The Ordination of Women in the Orthodox Church
1999 Patricia Marlette Black Doctoral Thesis ‘The New is Elsewhere’: Women’s Leadership in Community-Profit Organisations,
1997 Paul Collins ‘Papal Power’
1995 Report of an Ad Hoc Committee of the Canon Law Society of America The Canonical Implications of Ordaining Women to the Permanent Diaconate
1991 Edited by Marie-Eloise Rosenblatt Where can we find her? Searching for women's identity in the new church
1990 Janet Martin Soskice After Eve
1989 Ursula King Women and Spirituality
1987 Ladislas Örsy The Church: Learning and Teaching
1985 Susan Marie Praeder The Word in Women's Worlds: Four Parables
1985 Elspeth and Gordon Strachan Freeing the Feminine
1982 Jean LaPorte The Role of Women in Early Christianity
1985 Letty Russell Feminist Interpretation of the Bible,
1985 Elizabeth Storkey What is Right with Feminism, Ch. 6. Women and the church,
Ch.10. Polarisation : Christianity against Feminism,
1980 Elisabeth M. Tetlow Women and Ministry in the New Testament
1979 Louis Bouyer Woman in the Church
1978 Hugh Montefiori (ed.) Yes to Women Priests,
1978 Carroll Stuhlmueller (ed.) Women and Priesthood: Future Directions
1978 Peter Moore (ed.) Man, Woman, and Priesthood
Proceedings of the Second Conference
on the Ordination of Roman Catholic Women
New Woman, New Church, New Ministry
(and 1986)
John Wijngaards Did Christ Rule Out Women Priests?
1977 Leonard Swidler & Arlene Swidler (eds.) Women Priests: A Catholic Commentary on the Vatican Declaration
1977 John H.Otwell And Sarah Laughed
1977 James Coriden (ed.) Sexism and Church Law: Equal Rights and Affirmative Action
1976 Marianne H. Micks & Charles R. Price (eds.) Toward a New Theology of Ordination: Essays on the Ordination of Women
1975 Harold Wilson (ed.) Women Priests? Yes - Now!
1975 Michael P.Hamilton and Nancy S.Montgomery (eds) The Ordination of Women: Pro and Con
1975 Paul Lakeland Can Women be Priests?
1975 Robert E. Terwilliger and Urban T. Holmes(eds.) To be a Priest
1974 Robert J. Heyer (eds.) Women and Orders
1973 George H.Tavard Woman in Christian Tradition
1973 Haye van der Meer Women Priests in the Catholic Church?, 1973.
Original German: Priestertum der Frau. 1969.
1973 Joan Morris Against Nature and God, Ch.1,2,3,4 and Bibliography
1972 National Assembly of Women Religious Women in Ministry: A Sisters' View
1972 Arlene Swidler Woman in a Man's Church
1967 Vincent Emmanuel Hannon The Question of Women and the Priesthood
1964 Ed. Dr. Gertrud Heinzelmann, women speak out to Vatican Council II We Won't Keep Silence Any Longer! (German and English texts)
1962 J P. Mackey The Modern Theology of Tradition, Ch. 3&4. A comprehensive survey of theological views on the 'Sensus fidelium' and Tradition.
1951 Gerh. Huls The Ministry of Women in the Church, English summary of Dutch book(see below)

Books in other languages

  1. Des femmes aussi suivaient Jésus. Essai d'interprétation de quelques versets des évangiles, par Suzanne Tunc, Descleé de Brouwer 1998.
  2. Mujeres Sacerdotes ¿Por qué No...?, por Mª José Arana y María Salas, Publicaciones Claretianas, Madrid 1994.
  3. Cristo ha Escluso le Donne dal Sacerdozio?, John Wijngaards, Great Wakering 1977.
  4. De Vrouw in de Kerk, door Dr. Gerh. Huls, publ. Bosch & Keuning N.V., 1965
  5. De Dienst der Vrouw in de Kerk, Gerh. Huls, H.Veenman & Zonen, Wageningen, 1951.

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