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Key Point Presentations
1.Seven Reasons

i. One Priesthood
ii. Called to Preside
iii. Cultural Bias
iv. Women Deacons
v. Latent Tradition
vi. Wider Church
vii. Vocation

2. Traditional Views

i. Jesus Christ
ii. Paul’s View
iii. Tradition
iv. Representing Christ
v. Women’s Nature
vi. Case is Closed

3. Question the Magisterium

i. Cultural Shift
ii. The Facts
iii. Lessons from History
iv. True Loyalty
v. Sense of Faith

Academic Overview

i. Summary
ii. Focus on Scripture
iii. Interpreting Scripture Correctly
iv. Focus on Tradition
v. Focus on theology
vi. Focus on Teaching
vii. Focus on Authority
vii. What Benedict XVI said
viii. Mary as Priest

Scholars Pro & Con
Who We Are

i. Trustees
ii. Patrons
iii. Friends
iv. Volunteers
v. Give a Donation
vi. Sponsor a Saint
vii. Leave a Legacy
viii. Honour a Parent or Friend


i. Women in the Church
ii. Church Tradition

Ancient Texts

i. Historic Women Deacons
ii. Fathers of the Church
iii.Medieval Theologians
iv. Post Scholastics
v. Ancient classics
vi. Overviews
vii. Councils & Synods
viii. Church Lawyers
ix. Misuse of Authority

Modern documents

i. Rome on women
ii. responses
iii. Recent Councils


i. Discover Inner Prayer
ii. Interpreting Scripture Correctly
iii. How to Make Sense of God
iv. Why Support the Ordination of Women


i. Religious Women
ii. Women who are Called
iii. Sister Churches
iv. Students and Teachers

On-line Books

i. Important Books On-line
ii. Ecumenical Books
iii. Ancient Texts
iv. Books by John Wijngaards

On-line Articles

i. Classic (1960-1980)
ii. Research Articles (1980-
iii. Journalistic Articles
iv. Book Reviews


i. John Wijngaards
ii. Theresia Saers
iii. Therese Koturbash
iv. Colette Joyce

Audiovisual Presentations

i. Ordained Women Deacons
ii. Women’s Ministries in the West

Women’s Ministries in the west (Overview)
WOW Conferences
M.L.Uhr Docs
Picture Galleries

1. Early Christian Art
2. Mary as Priest
3. Women are Called
4. Ordaining Women Deacons (1)
5. Ordaining Women deacons (2)
6. The New Woman

Our Other Websites

i. Wijngaards Intitute for Catholic Research
ii. Church Authority
iii. Women Deacons
iv. Ministry for women
v. Mystery and Beyond
vi. Equality for women
vii.The Body is Sacred
viii. Is Homosexuality Natural?
ix. Interpreting Scripture Correctly
x. Interpreting Scripture Course
xi. Natural Law and Conscience
xii. Catholics and Contraception
xiii. Family Synod 2015

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