Meditation and Prayer

1. Selections of prayers

* prayers for women reflecting on their vocation
* poems
* litanies
* prayers for guidance
* traditional prayers to ‘Mary Priest’

2. Picture Meditations. Mary of Magdala

Reflections on traditional Christian art by Sr. Theresia Saers.

For many centuries Christians meditated on Mary of Magdala and venerated in her the image of a truly liberated woman, a disciple of Christ who was able to do what social convention and Church law forbade. At the hand of old paintings and illustrations Sr. Saers reflects on possible implications for us.

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3. Picture Meditations. New Woman

Paintings and poems by Tina van Lieshout.

Tina felt called to the priesthood in 1989 and was appalled when she found out she was barred from the ordination course simply because she was a woman. To draw public attention to this discrimination in the Church, she took her local bishop to court. Tina belongs to the diocese of s’Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. In her paintings and poems she expresses the agony of her struggle as a woman and her hopes for the future.

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3. Prayers of Intercession


We invite you to join us in a campaign of prayer.

We are also preparing some suitable prayer texts.. We welcome suggestions from your side.

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Kateusz, Mary and Early Christian Women

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