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We need your financial help

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I kindly ask you to give donations to our cause.

Your donations will be used exclusively for developing this website and its campaign.

Why we really need your help!

For this campaign to succeed, we have to move mountains of prejudice. The authorities in Rome are so opposed to the idea that they are trying to close any discussion on the ordination of women. Bishops are told they may not support anyone who favours women priests. Theologians are required to swear allegiance to all papal teaching, which now includes the ban on women priests. Unless we shout from the rooftops, nothing is going to change! This website needs to be very professional, visible, outspoken, easily accessible to all. All that costs money.

Our website is really important because it offers all the evidence that shows women can and should be ordained. Any fairminded bishops, priests and laity who visit our website, can judge the arguments and the situation for themselves. We are beginning to make an impact. But our target audience must know about this website. We have to publicise it, so that it can reach out to the ‘silent majority’ who are not yet convinced. Advertising and promotion cost money.

Read my story!

If the ordination of women means something to you, please, do not just stand by and watch us struggle on our own. Help us! Give us the finances to keep the issue alive. Your donation does not need to be huge for it to make a real difference! We can bring about a change of awareness but we will have to do it together!

Three ways in which you can give your donation:

  1. Send your cheque, made out to ‘Housetop Care Limited’, to Sr. Anne Miller FMM, Housetop, 111A High Street, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 1AN, UK.
  2. Or send your donation by bank transfer to account no 30444758, account holder ‘Housetop Care Limited’, Barclays Bank PLC, Edgware Road W2, London UK, sorting code 20-65-63; with mention of:: ‘donation for women priests website’.
  3. Or use our safe credit card facility. This is the quickest and easiest way. Credit card donations through our site are handled by two reputable firms: SecureTrading and the NatWest Bank. You will receive two email acknowledgements of receipt: one from SecureTrading and one from us.

Also Switch, Solo, etc.

Our credit card facility to receive donations is really secure. You can make your donation through all major credit cards and in any major currency.

Thank you!