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  1. In our online SHOP (see left) identify the CATEGORY that interests you. Clicking on a specific category will show you the items available in that category.
  2. Clicking on a particular item will reveal its details. If you want to buy it, click on ADD TO CART.
  3. After in this way selecting the items you want, click on REVIEW SHOPPING BASKET.
  4. Here you can modify your list of shopping items. You remove an item by changing its quantity to zero. Then click UPDATE BASKET.
  5. You need to be logged in to complete payment. If you are a member, just login as usual. If not, register as a Visitor. In both cases you will afterwards automatically be taken through to the PAYMENT OPTIONS page.
  6. On the Payment Options page you can choose to EITHER (a) pay through your PayPal account - which you already have or want to open; OR (b) you can pay just with your credit card. Here too PayPal will handle the transaction for us, but you can ignore its promptings to open an account with them.
How to shop
The proceeds of your purchase supports our campaign for the ordination of women