Overview of Documents on Teaching on our Website

Non-reception by the faithful of teaching on exclusion of women, by Australian Bishop’s Conference
Patriarchal and Hierarchical Nature …Barrier to Women’s Participation, by Australian Bishop’s Conference
… Perceptions of Women in the Catholic Church of Australia, by Australian Bishop’s Conference
Two contrasting Perceptions of Women in the Catholic Church of Australia, by Australian Bishop’s Conference
The Credibility of the Church Today by Gregory Baum
The Inquisition, by M.Baigent & R. Leigh. Review by Anne Baring
Feminism, Vatican-style by Tina Beattie
“Who May Dwell Within your Tent?” commission on Woman … Belgian Bishops, 1998
God, Women and the Question of Power by Veronica Brady
Gender and the ‘Sensus Fidelium’  by Veronica Brady
Women’s Ordination and Infallible Teaching, An Inquiry by Peter Burns
Assessment of ‘Ordinatio Sacerdotalis’ 1996 by Sidney Callahan
Tradition and the Ordination of Women 1997, by Catholic Theological Society of America
A Pope the Laity Wants by by Sister Joan Chittister
We can’t suppress the Spirit by Sister Joan Chittister
Reasons for Resignation  by Paul Collins, 2001
What about Donum Veritatis, the ‘Instruction …. on the Theologian? by Paul Collins
Once again, women are being cast out of the Catholic Church by Angela Cornyn
Structures of Authority by Bill Cosgrave, 1995
Women priests: the issue that keeps resurfacing by E.Curti.2011
A Question of Conscience by Charles Davis 1967 Index to Book
The General Problem by Charles Davis , Ch.1
The Change in Man’s Self-understanding by Charles Davis , Ch.2
From Hierarchical orders to Free Organizations by Charles Davis, Ch.3
The Historical Approach to Truth and Faith by Charles Davis, Ch.4
The Christian Church and the Wider Society by Charles Davis, Ch.5
The Tenacious Voice of Women. R. Vendrik & the Pontifical Commission by Dirkje Donders
Use the Gifts God Gives. Monsignor John Egan 2001
Womenpriests: Keeping Mum or Speaking Out? 1996 by Rene van Eyden. (Transl. from Dutch)
Fidelity to Jesus and the ordination of women by Joseph Fitzmyer
The Reception of Doctrine: New Perspectives by Richard Gaillardetz
The Place of Silencing in the Teaching of the Church by J. Gramick
The M Word By Bede Griffiths
Assessment of ‘Ordinatio Sacerdotalis’ by Gisbert Greshake
A letter to the Pope by Bernhard Häring
The fear has gone – and So have they by Bishop John Heaps
Laws don’t change people by Bishop John Heaps
A priesthood without clericalism by Bishop John Heaps
A theologian’s dilemma on women priests by Peter Hebblethwaite
Authority in the Roman Catholic Church. Theory and practice. Assessment of ‘Ordinatio Sacerdotalis’ by Peter Hünermann
Concience. The Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference, 1998
Open Letter to John Paul II by 14 women religious from India
Assessment of ‘Ordinatio Sacerdotalis’ by Elizabeth A. Johnson
It’s Time to Speak our by ‘Jonas’, an organization of French priests
The Call of Conscience by Michael Keane
Catholic Theologians and the Ordination of Women by Philip Kennedy
Assessment of ‘Ordinatio Sacerdotalis’ by David Knight
Waiting for Vatican III. Women’s Ordination and Infallibility by H.Kung
“ On Not Inventing Doctrine” by Nicholas Lash
The Question of Admitting Women to the Ministerial Priesthood 1978 by Louis Ligier SJ.
Shedding Light on Church Teachings. Talks with Bishop Raymond Lucker
Violence in the Church by Camilo Macisse
Coping with a Christ who does not want women priests … by Mary McAleese
The Outsider by Mary McAleese
It Won’t Wash With Women by Mary McAleese
Living with Authority by Mary McAleese
Muzzling the theologians by Richard McBrien
Soline Vatinel, the Archbishop and Me, by Eamonn McCarthy
What about you, do you want to go away too? by Eamonn McCarthy,
Theologians and the Magisterium by Richard A McCormick
Count me out! Response to Ordinatio Sacerdotalis (1994) by Melanie McDonagh
Jesus Responds to John Paul II. ( after Ordinatio Sacerdotalis) by Aaron Milavec
What Peter Might Say to John Paul II by A Milavec
The voice of theologians in general councils from Pisa to Trent, by Nelson H.Minnich
On a closed debate. Editorial by Joseph Moingt 1994
Catholic Patriarchy by Peter C. Morea
Letter to Pope John Paul II by Josefa Theresia Münch
Should Women be Silent in the Church? by Josefa Theresia Münch
Address to .. Church Personnel Administrators, by Bishop Frank Murphy
This Teaching Cannot Be Infallible (in response to Ordinatio Sacerdotalis.) National Coalition of American Nuns
On Consulting the Faithful in Matters of Doctrine by J.H. Newman 1859
 “Ordinatio sacerdotalis” unleashes debate on the Magisterium, by Klaus Nientiedt
Assessment of ‘Ordinatio Sacerdotalis by Ann O’Hara Graff
Integrity by Joseph S. O’Leary, The Furrow, August 1985
A Teaching Not Received by Hugh O’Regan
What is meant by the ‘ordinary magisterium’? By L.Örsy
Do the Roman authorities promote a wrong understanding of ‘ordinary …’? by L.Örsy
Foundations and Context of the Magisterium by Ladislas Örsy, SJ
Teaching Authority by Ladislas Örsy
If God reveals truth, why do we need a teaching authority? by L.Örsy
Teaching Authority – Catholic Universities – Academic Freedom by L.Örsy
Bibliography on the Teaching Authority by Ladislas Örsy
Infallibility Explored by Ladislas Orsy
What is the position of the pope within the college of bishops? By L. Örsy
Do the Roman authorities not realise that doctrine ‘develops’? By L. Örsy
If God reveals truth, why do we need a teaching authority? By L. Örsy
 Who possesses the revealed Word of God, the bishops and the Pope or….? by L.Örsy
What does it mean to teach doctrine ‘with authenticity’? By L. Örsy
 Do also the bishops and the Pope belong to the ‘learning Church’? by L.Örsy
Do the bishops and the Pope underestimate the laity? by L.Örsy
What does magisterium, ‘teaching authority’, mean? by L.Örsy
Does the Pope rely too much on his own advisers? by L.Örsy
Where does the infallibility of the magisterium find its source? by L.Örsy
Are there non-infallible binding teachings? by L.Örsy
Are the bishops and the Pope infallibile when they issue practical, pastoral decrees? by L.Örsy
How do we ‘surrender in faith’ to authentic doctrine set forth by the magisterium? By L.Örsy
What did Vatican II mean with obsequium fidei, ‘obedience in faith’? by L.Örsy
Can a theologian legitimately dissent from officially taught doctrine? by L.Örsy
How to determine the limits of legitimate dissent? By L.Örsy
Can clear guidelines for dissent be formulated? By L.Örsy
Have theologians an essential task, that is distinct and complementary to those of the Pope and the bishops by L.Örsy
Why does dissent provoke such opposition and friction in the Church? By L.Örsy
When does an institute of learning become a ‘university’? By L.Örsy
What types of Catholic university do we find? By L.Örsy
What makes a university Catholic? by L.Örsy
How are theologians in Catholic universities ‘bonded’ to the Church? by L.Örsy
Do theologians who receive a ‘canonical mission’ teach with a higher authority? By L.Örsy
Do the Roman authorities attribute excessive importance to law? by L.Örsy
Can clear guidelines for dissent be formulated? By L.Örsy
What are the limits of academic freedom? By L.Örsy
Do the Roman authorities damage the Church by exercising excessive control? By L.Örsy
Infallibility Explored – the Professor replies By L.Örsy
Overview of Papal Documents on the Ordination of Women
Overview of contemporary theologians re infallibility of teaching
Where are the Priest-Prophets? By Fr. Owen O’Sullivan
Refining the Question About Women’s Ordination by H. Pottmeyer
Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity (+ a commentary by CDF) 1998
Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity. 1989
The secret examination of new Bishops by Papal Nuncio in Spain
The Charismatic Element in The Church by K Rahner
“Subjects or Objects? Women within Catholic Social Teaching” by Susan Rakocsy
Infallibility Explored – the Cardinal responds by Card. Ratzinger
The Universal Ordinary Magisterium – Inter Insigniores by Cardinal Ratzinger
No Authority to Ordain Women – Inter Insigniores by Cardinal Ratzinger
Infallibility is untenable By Rosemary Radford Ruether
Can Men be Ordained? By Rosemary Radford Ruether
Is Our Institutional Church Unjust? By E. Silvius
Francis Sullivan’s Assessment on ‘Ordinatio Sacerdotalis’
Francis A. Sullivan’s argument with Archbishop Bertone
Obedience, a questionable virtue by Marie Louise Uhr
Women’s Ordination: Barriers and Boundaries by Marie Louise Uhr
Statement of Sr. Christine Vladimiroff
The Pope’s ‘teaching’ on why women can’t be priests – a new focus? by John Wijngaards
Mistakes by the Teaching Authority in Rome by John Wijngaards
The Ordinary Universal Magisterium. Conditions affecting its infallible teaching by John Wijngaards
Theologians Assess ‘Ordinatio Sacerdotalis’ by John Wijngaards
May a theologian’s dissent be voiced through the public media? by John Wijngaards.
God and our new Selves. Why there is the need of a new Catechesis by John Wijngaards
God and our new Selves. Why the Church needs to be reformed in our time by john Wijngaards
St. Thérèse and the Question of the Ordination of Women by John Wijngaards
Who exactly do we mean by the Roman teaching authorities? By J.Wijngaards
The teaching authority and slavery, Overview by John Wijngaards
Discussion on the Popes and Slavery by John wijngaards
Church without women leaders by J Wijngaards
Are bishops, parish priests, etc. still bound by the ‘oath of fidelity’ … by John Wijngaards
Collegiality (or lack of it !) in the Catholic Church by John Wijngaards
Frequently asked questions on Teaching Authority in the Catholic Church by John Wijngaards
Papal Teaching on Slavery by John Wijngaards
The Errors of Pope Pius IX by John wijngaards
Do these errors and mistakes in the past prove the teaching authority… by John Wijngaards
The Duty of Speaking Out. Overview by John Wijngaards
Why the paedophilia scandal happened: …in the RC Church by John Wijngaards
Authority in the Roman Catholic Church. Theory and practice. Ed.Bernard Hoose. review by john Wijngards
Do these errors and mistakes in the past prove the teaching authority… by John Wijngaards
The Free media: A price worth paying by John Wilkins
Equal is as Equal does. Publ. by The Women-Church Convergence, 1995.
Free speech in the Church by Alain Woodrow
Patristic Testimony on Women’s 0rdination in Inter Insignores by John H.Wright S.J
Pope John II’s letter concerning ordination of women by John H.Wright S.J
What about the Women? by Phyllis Zagano