Overview of Documents on Theology on our Website

Eric Doyle’s Contribution to the Debate. By Brenda Abbott
Feminist Liberation Theology by Denise Ackermann
Women in the Time of the Church Fathers. By Ruth Albrecht
On not Looking like Christ … by Dr Marcella M Althaus-Reid
The female sex cannot signify pre-eminence -Joannes Andreae
St. Thomas Aquinas (1224 – 1274 AD)/arguments on women
St. Thomas Aquinas (1224 – 1274 AD)/overview of documents
Thomas Aquinas and Woman’s lower status
Thomas Aquinas on the Ordination of Women
The Priest as Sacramental Sign of Christ. By Thomas Aquinas
Thomas Aquinas on the Generation (birth) of Women
Circumcision and Menstrual Taboo in Post-Exilic Judaism. By Leonie Archer
Women Priests? by Jean-Marie Aubert
Rolandus Bandinelli, 1148 AD in Stromata
The Influence of St Jerome on Medieval Attitudes to Women. By Jane Barr.
Guido de Baysio, writings between 1296 and 1300 AD on Women
Tina Beattie. Short bibliography (1995-1999)
St Robert Bellarmine (1542 – 1621 AD)
Woman, not man, was seduced (Bellarmine)
On the specific punishment of women (Bellarmine)
Woman is the Passive Cause of Generation (Bellarmine)
Woman contributes only matter in Generation (Bellarmine)
Woman is necessary for generation (Bellarmine)
Woman is subject to man (Bellarmine)
Women cannot be Priests (Bellarmine)
The Case of GALILEO GALILEI (Bellarmine)
St. Bonaventure (1217-1274 AD)
Woman in the Church by Louis Bouyer-appendix
Woman in the Church by Louis Bouyer- contents
Woman in the church- Epilogue (by von Balthasar)
Woman in the Church-conclusion. By Louis Bouyer.
A Female Priesthood? Ch.1 by Louis Bouyer
God and Woman. Ch.2 by Louis Bouyer
Woman in Creation and Salvation. Ch.3 by Louis Bouyer
Complementary Vocations of Men and Women. Ch.4 by Louis Bouyer
Traditional Feminine Ministries. Ch.5 by Louis Bouyer
Jesus of Nazareth, Christ the Liberator by Carlos Bravo
The Feminist Redemption of Christ by Rita Brock
The Holy Spirit as Feminine in Early Syriac Literature by Sebastian Brock.
Quaestio disputata: “in persona Christi” by Sara Butler
Commentarium in Decretales Gregorii IX by Antonius de Butrio. (1338 – 1408)
Women  and  Ministry by  Elizabeth Carroll
The “Fractio Panis” and the Eucharist as Eschatological Banquet by Damien Casey.
Issue of Women’s Ordination in the Roman Catholic Church, by Janette Cranshaw
A “Pauline” Defense of Women’s Right to Baptize? by Stephen Davis
The General Problem by C. Davis
The Change in Man’s Self-Understanding by C. Davis
From Hierarchical Orders To Free Organizations by C. Davis
The Histotical Approach to Truth and Faith by C. Davis
The Christian Church and the Wider Society by C. Davis
The religious roots of inequality between men and women, by Gérard Delteil
Woman Priests – Book of Honour. Fr Eric Doyle OFM
Women’s Ordination, State of the Question in the RC Church. By Eric Doyle
Traditio perpetuo servata? The Non-ordination of Women. By Eric Doyle.
Ordination of Women in the Roman Catholic Church. By Eric Doyle
Question of Women Priests and the argument in Persona Christi by Eric Doyle
God and the Feminine by Eric Doyle
Whether a woman or a child can be ordained? Durandus 1270-
Why women cannot be ordained priests. Durandus  1270 – 1334 AD
The Crucified People. By Ignacio Ellacuria
Women Ministers in the Catholic Church ? By René van Eyden
The Creation of Womanhood: A Hierarchical Construction By René van Eyden
Women in Priestly Ministry. By René van Eyden
The Status of Woman in the Thought of Karl Barth by Paul S. Fiddes
Publications by Richard Gaillardetz Ph.D.
Jesus from an Ecofeminist Perspective by E. Gebara
Episcopal Conferences: Theological Bases by Cardinal George
Balthazar and Contemporary Feminist Theology by Michelle Gonzales
Construction of Women’s Difference in the Theological Tradition by Elisabeth Gössmann.
Feminist Christology: The Problem Stated by Jacquelyn Grant
The Law Book of Gratian (references to women)
Review of: A Theology of Women’s Priesthood  by  Dr. Ali Green
Reclaiming women’s part in redeeming by Mary Grey
The Ordination of Women – Seeking a New Approach by M.Grey
Should Women be Ordained? By Adrian Hastings
The reform of Ministry, by Adrian Hastings
The “male” in feminist theology by Susanne Heine
Why women cannot be ordained priests. Cardinalis Hostiensis
Huguccio (on women) 1188 AD
Inter Insigniores (1976)
Only a male priest can signify Christ at the Eucharist Inter Insigniores.
In the symbolism of salvation Christ is the Bridegroom and … Inter Insigniores
The priest’s action ‘in the person of the Church’ is less ….Inter Insigniores
Human rights, such as equal rights for women, do not apply … Inter Insigniores
Women who believe they have a priestly vocation not guided … Inter Insigniores
Basic Linguistic Options: God, Women, Equivalence by E. Johnson
Sensus Fidelium – An Introduction  by Colette Joyce
Feminist Exegesis of the Old Testament: Some Critical Reflections by Paul Joyce
…Women in the theological anthropoloqy of the Early Fathers. by Marie Henry Keane.
The First Blast of the Trumpet by John Knox 1558 (anti women)
Theological Questions on the Ordination of Women 1976. By Joseph Komonchak
Christology. Introducing Asian Feminist Theology. By Kwok Pui-Lan
Orthodox Women Speak by Kiriaki Karidoyanes FitzGerald (book review)
The Influence of ‘The Hammer of Witches’ (1486 AD). H. Kramer & J.Springer
Why is it that women are chiefly addicted to evil superstitions? H. Kramer & J.Springer
The Mould for Medieval Women by Margaret Labarge
Priestesses in the Church by C.S.Lewis
Commentary on 1 Cor 14,34-35 By Cornelius Lapide
Commentary on 1 Timothy 2,12-14. By Cornelius Lapide
Recalling Li Tim-Oi in Hong Kong
The Virgin Mary and the Feminist Quest by Ann Loades
Human rights in the Church: a non-right for women … by Marie-Thérèse Van Lunen Chenu
The Modern Theology of Tradition by J P. Mackey
The Ordination of Women in the Early Middle Ages by G. Macy
The Impact of Humanae Vitae by John Mahoney. 1981-82
Women are incapable of ordination by S.Mani 1905
Is the Pope Catholic? A Woman Confronts her Church” by Joannna Manning (Review only).
The Catholic Church in the Next Millennium by Joanna Manning
The Ordination Of Women – A Living Tradition by D. McEwan
Dr. Dorothea McEwan. Selected bibliography 1966-2001
Richard of Middleton C13th … against the ordination of women
Richard of Middleton C13th analysis of his arguments
The Inferior Mix by Annie Lally Milhaven
Women Priests. Radical Change or More of the Same? H.Moon
Feminist Theological Interpretation of the New Testament. By Robert Morgan
Early Women Leaders: from Heads of House Churches to Presbyters by NCR Staff
Divine Power Made Perfect in Weakness: St.Hildegard. by Barbara Newman.
The Defective Male: What Aquinas Really Said…….. By M.Nolan
Women, Ordination, and Angels by Michael Novak
Overview of post-medieval theologians writing about women.
Overview of Medieval Theologians Writing about Women
A ‘Summa’ on Church law, dated 1114-1148 AD. by Paucapalea
… biology and the Christian Fathers on the nature of woman by Kim Power
The Rehabilitation of Eve by Kim Power
Kim E. Power. C.V.
How does ancient Greek medicine impact the church today? questionsfromaewe.blogspot.co.uk
Paul and Sexual Identity: 1 Corinthians 11.2-16 by T. Radcliffe
Bibliography of Dr. Ida Raming
Mary – Prophet and Priest.
A forgotten, suppressed truth.Could she open the door to women’s ordination? by Ida Raming.
The far too long story of discrimination against women because of their sex by Ida Raming.
Male discourse about God in the liturgy – its effects on women by Ida Raming.
A definitive “No” to the ordination of women? by Ida Raming
The diaconate – a ministry for women in the Church by Ida Raming.
“The twelve apostles were men – -” by Ida Raming
‘Equal but other’ and the ordination of women by Ida Raming
Ignored opportunities for women in canon law by Ida Raming
Review of Priesteramt der Frau Geschenk  für … by Ida Raming
Priesteramt der Frau – Geschenk Gottes für eine erneuerte Kirche by Ida Raming.
The far too long story of discrimination against women … by Ida Raming.
A complete Manual of Canon Law (1896) by Oswald J. Reichel
 The Legitimation of the Abuse of Women in Christianity, by Mary-Ann Rossi
The Passion of Perpetua, Everywoman of Late Antiquity by Mary-Ann Rossi
Mary Ann Rossi – biography
Christology and Feminism: Can a Male Saviour Save Women?. By Rosemary Ruether Radford
Rufinus 1157, ‘Summa Decretorum’, on Deaconesses
Priesthood for Women by Johanna Schiessl
 Ministry in the 1st and 2nd Christian Millennia, by E.Schillebeeckx
Freedom For a new Understanding of the Gospel by M. Schoof
Ordination of Women Priests by Jonathan Schumann
John Duns Scotus 1266-1308. Why women cannot be ordained …
John Duns Scotus 1266-1308. -on women and orders
Ascetic Autonomy? New Perspectives on Single Women… by Turid Karlsen Seim
Sicardus of Cremona, Summa Canonum 1179 – 1181
Systematic Christology: Jesus Christ, the Absolute Mediator … by Jon Sobrino
The Standard Argument against Women Priests, 1956, F. Sola
The desert mothers and spiritual maternity by Josep M.Soler
After Eve. Women: Theology and the Christian Tradition. Intro. Ed. Janet Soskice
A saint in favour of women priests by Edith Stein (trans)
Freeing the Feminine by E. & G.Strachan. Contents and preface
The problem from Freeing the Feminine. Ch1. by E.& G.Strachan.
 In the beginning . . . Ch.2. by Elspeth and Gordon Strachan
Yahweh and the Queen of Heaven from Freeing the Feminine. Ch.3. by E.& G.Strachan.
The marriage of heaven and earth. Ch.4. by E.& G. Strachan
The battered bride. Ch5. by Elspeth and Gordon Strachan
The devil’s gateway from Freeing the Feminine. Ch.6. by E.& G. Strachan.
Archaic fears from Freeing the Feminine. ch.7. by E.& G. Strachan
Freeing the Feminine.Ch.8. by Elspeth and Gordon Strachan
Richard Hooker and the Ordination of Women to the Priesthood by Stephen Sykes.
Sexist Language in Theology? By George Tavard
Johannes Teutonicus in Apparatus ad Decreta in 1215 AD
Celebrating the Eucharist without a Priest? by Peter Trummer
The Less Noble Sex – Women Can Be Priests by Nancy Tuana
Catholic Women Ordained Priests – alternatives. Marcel Vincent
Saints and Sybils: Hildegard of Bingen to Teresa of Avila. By Benedicta Ward
Ministry, Muddle and Mystery by Clare Watkins
Human Rights and Women’s Ordination by J.Wijngaards
Nuptial Imagery and the Sacramental Priesthood. By John Wijngaards
Not man enough to represent the ‘groom’? By John Wijngaards
Women already act as ‘other Christs’ by John Wijngaards
At the Eucharist the priest acts not only “in the person of Christ”….by John Wijngaards
Jesus Christ and the Authority of his Priests by John Wijngaards
A Woman too can act in persona Christi because …by John Wijngaards
A woman represents Christ better in his feminine traits …by John Wijngaards
Can Women Represent Christ at the Eucharist? By J. Wijngaards
Women too bear Christ’s image as adopted children of God. By John Wijngaards
A woman, as much as any man, can represent Christ’s love … By John Wijngaards
Don’t cage the sacred, by John Wijngaards
What you need to know about the Sacrament of Ordination by John Wijngaards
Women deacons in the Orthodox Church by Kiriaki Karidoyanes FitzGerald. Book review by John Wijngaards
Bishop Williamson’s Letters
Girls at University by Bishop Williamson
The Sacramentality of Episcopal Consecration by Susan Wood
Patristic elements towards a theol. anthropology of woman … by Constantinos Yokarinis