Overview of Documentation

The purpose of this list is to help you find the resource material you are looking for.


  Rome’s main documents relating to the ordination of women.

Ancient Church Councils and Local Synods laying down rules regarding women.

Church law and Church lawyers legislating about women.

Recent Church Councils and their relevant texts.

Mistakes and errors by Popes.

The duty of speaking out.


  The scriptural texts quoted in the discussion.

The Fathers of the Church involved in the discussion on the ordination of women.

The evidence for sacramentally ordained WOMEN DEACONS

Documents relating to the devotion to Mary Priest.

Devotion to St. Mary Magdalen

Women called to the priesthood.

Our ‘body, sex and gender’ website.

The ordination of women in other Churches


  Medieval theologians who wrote on the ordination of women.

Post-scholastic theologians and what they said about women.

Modern Catholic scholars pro and con – theologians on both sides of the argument about women’s ordination.

Contemporary theologians who reject Rome’s claim that the issue of women priests ‘has already been settled infallibly’.

Books by theologians reviewed on this web site.

Publications by contemporary theologians.