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Overview of post-medieval theologians writing about women

ca 1500 - 1900

The post-medieval theologians either ignored the question of women priests (as an issue they considered settled for good) or indulged in rabid misogyny. See the synopsis on how post-medieval theologians judged women.

Date of publication Name/author description
1486 H.Kramer and J.Sprenger ‘The Hammer of Witches’
1500 - 1800 Survey of authors
involved in the so-called
“Women’s Quarrel”
Books and booklets
for and against
1558 John Knox Calvinist theologian
1586-1593 Robert Bellarmine Catholic theologian
As Prefect of the Holy Office he condemned Galileo Galilei
1616 Cornelius a Lapide Scripture scholar
1618 Anonymous On ‘Whether Women are Human Beings?!’ - debate between a Benedictine and a Jesuit

John Wijngaards