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Overview of ancient Church Councils and Local Synods laying down rules [=‘canons’] regarding women


Read the synopsis on how women were treated in the early Church Orders and Church Canons.

Date Name description
3rd cent. Didascalia Apostolorum socalled ‘Church Order’
248 AD Canons of Dionysius Archbishop's regulations for Alexandria
324 Council of Nicea General Church Council
325-381 Local Council of Gangra local synod
329-379 Canons of St. Basil rules of local bishop
363 Synod of Laodicea local synod
380 Synod of Saragossa local synods
390 Synod of Carthage local synod
393 Synod of Hippo local synod
394 Synod of Nimes local synod
ca. 400 AD Apostolic Constitutions
see here Book VIII
‘Church Order’
345 - 419 Councils of Carthage local synods
441 Synod of Orange local synod
451 Council of Chacedon General Church Council
465 Council of Vannes General Church Council
485 Statuta Ecclesiae Antiqua ‘Church Order’
517 Synod of Epaon local synod
553 Second Synod of Orléans local synod
538 Third Synod of Orléans local synod
550 Braga Collected Chapters by Bishop of Braga
563 Council of Braga 2 Council of Braga
567 Synod of Tours 2 local synod
578 Council of Seville Council of Seville
581 Synod of Macon local synod
585 Synod of Macon local synod
588 Synod of Auxerre local synod
630 Synod of Reims local synod
650 Synod of Rouen local synod
680 Canons of Bishop Timothy rules by Archbishop of Alexandria
690 Penitentiary of Theodore rules by Archbishop of Canterbury
692 Council of Trullo General Church Council
743 Synod of Rome local synod
787 Council of Nicaea II General Church Council
821 Capitulary of Theodulf rules by Bishop of Orléans
823 Capitulary of Basel rules by Bishop of Basel
829 Council of Paris local Council
850 Synod of Rome local synod
868 Synod of Worms local synod

John Wijngaards