Catholic women called to the Priesthood

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Women in the past with a priestly vocation

Women with a vocation to the diaconate

The Holy Spirit calls women today!

Present-day women with a vocation to the priesthood

Are priestly vocations from God? Six options for Catholic women who feel called to the priesthood? Read the beautiful poems and images by Tina van Lieshout who felt called to the priestly ministry


Vocation Support


Initial ‘self-test’ to probe your vocation How do I know that I am called to the priesthood? Reflections on a Woman’s Journey to Ordination What steps should a woman take if she thinks she has a calling to ordination in the Catholic Church?
Is a woman’s vocation as ‘authentic’ as that of a man? Does anyone have the right to ordination? How do I answer critics who doubt my vocation? How to write your vocation story for us


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John Wijngaards

Soline Humbert tells her story